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Reel 796

Published May 1970

Raw news footage originally shot by staff of the Baltimore, Maryland station WMAR-TV (Channel 2), dating approximately to May 1st through May 4th, 1970.

1 Unknown fireman
2 Tommy D'Alesandro, III and frog
3 Banquet & Unknown woman
4 Unknown union man
5 Unknown man
6 Arrest
7 Charles Mathias
8 Additional #6 & Donald Pomerleau
9 Marvin Mandel
10 Unknown man
11 Dale Anderson
12 Black Community Information Center
13 Additional #10
14 Additional #1
15 Francis Burch
16 May 3, 1970: Roy Innis, national director of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) organization, speaks briefly about the recent arrests of Baltimore Black Panther sympathizers in connection to the murder of Baltimore City Police Officer Donald Sager.
17 Flower Mart
18 Additional #10
19 Additional #15
20 American Legion & police
21 Park Cleanup by children (Leakin Park)
22 Fire
23 Unknown man
24 Flower displays
25 Additional #7
26 Unknown man
27 Various unknowns & Mandel
28 Fire
29 Joe Tydings
30 Rosa Ponsell
31 Black Panthers
32 Mandel
33 Civil Rights Protest
34 Community Action Agency
35 Additional #21
36 Mandel
37 Additional #29
38 Pianist (male)

Producer WMAR-TV (Television Station: Baltimore, Md.)
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: UB Archives - - March 11, 2014
Subject: Thanks for the Review!
Thank you for the kind words, @BonnieSmith. Currently we are uploading the previously digitized films in the collection. Reel 58A was transferred but we only have it on Umatic currently. Hopefully in the next few months we will be able to digitize it and upload it here. Keep checking back: we upload something new every week!

Reviewer: BonnieSmith - - March 7, 2014
Whoever is uploading these, THANK YOU.
The library has had these and hundreds more that
have never been digitized, for a long, long time.
FILM can be damaged or destroyed in a fire.
It would be such a shame if all this great HISTORY
went down the drain!

I'd love to see The Year in Review - 1951 (Reel #58A)
if possible!

Please digitize the rest of the collection, even if the library wont release them, at least they'll be saved
for posterity.
Thanks again,
Rick and Bonnie Smith
University of Baltimore’s Langsdale Library Special Collections
by Baltimore City Public Schools
University of Baltimore’s Langsdale Library Special Collections
by WMAR-TV (Television Station: Baltimore, Md.)